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Equality, Diversity _ Inclusion Objectives

Co-op Academy Belle Vue

Belle Vue Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Objectives (Revised Sept 2022)

The academy EDI Objectives should be read in conjunction with the Trust’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy and the Trust

Equality Objectives.

Our Academy EDI Objectives 

Objective 1 (Curriculum) : to create and embed a diverse curriculum that is inclusive for all and widens our students understanding of the world.

Objective 2 (Groups & Structures) : to introduce groups / structures across the academy so that stakeholders with different characteristics are represented and have a voice (eg. LGBTQ groups / student diversity council). To promote a diverse set of viewpoints so that students can hear from, read about and experience the thoughts and views from a varied set of thinkers.

Objective 3 (Environment) : to ensure that the academy environment (displays / materials / books / quotes / digital signage etc) are diverse and inclusive.

Trust level Equality Objectives 

Objective 1: to embed equality, diversity and inclusion into the curriculum and teaching & learning practices

Details: The Trust and its academies will work towards a curriculum and teaching & learning practices which:

● are inclusive - all pupils and staff are welcomed and valued

● show respect for and appreciation of one another as individuals

● prepare pupils for life in a diverse society by encouraging respect for linguistic, cultural and religious diversity that exists in local communities and the wider world

● develop personal and cultural identity in all pupils

● widen educational and personal horizons of all pupils if limited by factors that compromise equality

● are proactive in tackling discrimination

● promote benefits of diversity We will work with our sponsor, the Co-op, to develop a new curriculum on anti-racism so that the next generation knows what it means to be anti-racist. Objective 2: to embed equality, diversity and inclusion into the wider organisation Details: The Trust and its academies will work towards this objective by:

● each academy monitoring and analysing pupil achievement and progress by ethnicity, gender and disability, and acting on any trends or patterns in this data which identify the need for additional support for pupils with the aim of narrowing the gap for equality groups.

● each academy publishing a statement setting out the actions they intend taking to advance equality, diversity & inclusion during the forthcoming academic year (or from their date of joining the Trust). A report will be provided by the Headteacher / Principal, on request annually, to enable Trust-wide reporting.

● ensuring, as we adopt a Trust-wide HR information system, that this incorporates the ability to provide robust reporting on and monitoring of equalities data.

● further developing reporting on our gender pay gap and – in future – other pay gaps (e.g. ethnicity), and taking positive action to reduce these gaps where possible.

 ● taking steps to address the risk of bias and discriminatory behaviour, initially by raising awareness of this facet of equality and diversity through leadership training; and ensuring that ‘blind recruitment’ takes place for all roles across the Trust.

 ● creating and promoting opportunities for staff voice, and debate & dialogue, within the Trust around these key issues.

Created : July 2021

Revised :Sept 2022

Approved : October 2022

Next Review : October 2023