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Welcome to all things careers!

What is CEIAG?

Sometimes we call it CEIAG - that’s Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance. It’s lots of words to describe all the ways we’ll support you on your career journey.

Our Careers Team

The careers information and advice that students receive is to help them make the best decisions for their future.

Our Careers Lead is Mr Haste You can contact her by emailing the main academy inbox at

Careers Support and Resources

What are your options after high school?


In an apprenticeship you’re employed to do a real job, while studying for a qualification. Find out more.


Going straight into work.


It’s like work experience, you’ll learn new skills and gain experience in a particular industry or role. Some are unpaid.

Stay in Education

Further and Higher education is an option. After high school you can go to a 6th Form or college. Following that you can go to University. Find out more.

Where can I find out more?