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Unlocking potential through expert knowledge and character

At Co-op Academy Belle Vue, our goal is to unlock the potential of our students through expert knowledge and character. Our curriculum goes beyond simply delivering a range of subjects; it encompasses all aspects of the school community, including attitudes, beliefs, values and our CARE principles. As a nurturing and ambitious community, we strive to promote the academic, personal, physical, social, and moral development of each student. We believe that a student-centred approach, focused on academic excellence, is essential to prepare our students for their future. 


Curriculum Intent

Everything we do is to help our students be successful both inside and outside the classroom. Our curriculum is designed around this belief and our vision and values.


Curriculum Implementation

The Belle Vue curriculum incorporates everything that our students are immersed in during their time with us, both inside and outside the classroom as well as what they do at home.



Departments and Subjects

Find out more about the subjects we offer.



CARE Curriculum

Our curriculum offer that covers the taught element of a variety of statutory components to our personal development provision.



Our Electives Programme is an exciting opportunity for our students to engage in a diverse range of activities beyond the curriculum.