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Curriculum Intent

What is the intention behind The Belle Vue Difference?

At Co-op Academy Belle Vue, our goal is to unlock the potential of our students through expert knowledge and character. Our curriculum goes beyond simply delivering a range of subjects; it encompasses all aspects of the school community, including attitudes, beliefs, values and our CARE principles. As a nurturing and ambitious community, we strive to promote the academic, personal, physical, social, and moral development of each student. We believe that a student-centred approach, focused on academic excellence, is essential to prepare our students for their future. As E.D. Hirsch emphasises in his book "Why Knowledge Matters", developing cultural capital is crucial for success in all areas of life, from earning a good living to participating in democratic processes.

Our curriculum is designed to build cultural capital by providing a subject-centred approach that focuses on powerful knowledge, academic excellence and non-academic achievements. We offer a balanced and diverse programme that includes the full KS3 and, in the future, KS4 National Curriculum in accordance with statutory requirements. 

Through cooperation, respect, responsibility, and endeavour, we aim to help our students achieve their full potential and enjoy the learning process. Our community is built on these values and principles, and we are committed to working tirelessly towards our vision of unlocking potential and creating experts in knowledge and character. 

Our Quality of Education Principles ensure we stay aligned to the mission of unlocking potential in our students. These principles guide our strategic decisions and ensure there is absolute clarity on the ‘why’ ‘what’ and ‘how’. 

Curriculum Hours


Subject Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
English 4 3 3
Maths 3 4 3
Science 3 3 4
Geography 1 1 1
History  1 1 1
Religious Studies 1 1 1
Spanish  1 1 1
Physical Education 1 1 1
Computing 1 1 1
Art 1 1 1
Expressive Arts 1 1 1
Design & Technology 1 1 1
Citizenship 1 1 1


Additional Information

  • Lessons 75 minutes

  • Academic electives are offered across key stage 3. Subjects include Maths, Geography, History, Computing and Spanish.

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