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Co-op Academy Belle Vue's Electives Programme 2023-2024 is an exciting opportunity for our students to engage in a diverse range of activities beyond the curriculum.

The Electives Programme is part of #TheBelleVueDifference, and is designed to support
our mission statement of ‘unlocking potential through expert knowledge and character’. We believe that a
strong co-curricular experience is essential for nurturing the unique talents, interests, and aspirations of each

Every student has the opportunity to choose three electives per term, ensuring a holistic approach to their personal development. There are three categories of electives: 

Academic Elective

This elective offers a chance for your child to explore an academic subject in more depth
and breadth than the taught curriculum. It encourages intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of various disciplines. These electives will particularly support our students in year 9 with making their GCSE choices.

Physical and Wellbeing Elective

Physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle are crucial for the overall well-being of
our students. This elective focuses on developing physical strength, enhancing teamwork and leadership skills, and fostering a spirit of sportsmanship as well as supporting our students with mental wellbeing. Students can wear their full Co-op PE kit to school on their Physical elective day.

#TheDifference Elective

We understand that every child has unique interests and talents that may not fit
neatly into predefined categories. The Difference Elective is an open-ended opportunity for your child to explore a wide range of activities, such as arts, technology, debate, and more. This allows them to discover new passions and gain a broader perspective on their abilities

Students can choose one elective from each category each term.

At Co-op Academy Belle Vue, we strongly believe in the power of a robust co-curricular program to shape our students' future success. Engaging in diverse activities beyond the classroom not only promotes personal
development but also equips students with essential life skills that are highly valued in the modern world.
Our elective programme is designed to support our students to develop our Belle Vue CARE principles.
These skills are not only beneficial during their school years but also greatly contribute to their future careers
and personal achievements.

Please find below our Elective Handbook which includes all relevant information for each elective.